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iHappyU Card Project


iHappyU card aims to provide an alternative way to connect you to people around you, may it be a dear friend or a stranger. Using iHappyU card, you may send them your blessings with words of encouragement. But most importantly, you are telling your friends that you treasure and care about them so much that you are always willing to listen to them and accompany them. Click here to see how to use the card!


No, not pay as in money. Pay it forward just means to pass it on, and this is crucial to iHappyU card. Get a card, and pass it on. As the cards go through hands of different people, more messages would be chained together. With all these messages, we hope to create a synergistic effect where happiness can be accumulated, shared and multiplied. Let’s keep the spirit going! We believe that love and care can circulate, not only materialistic concepts like currency. Would you achieve this with us?


As every card is UNIQUE, we are distributing the cards (free of charge of course) on a limited basis. You may acquire one at our events or through directly contacting us. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned! We hope that every card holder would understand and cherish the opportunity the card signifies - it's not the card that's special, but rather the connection between you and another person.

How to use?

SCAN or INPUT the code

There is an unique code / QR code on every card. Scan it or visit our website to read your friend's message.

Write a new message

Write a new message to another friend. This is essential to keep the line flowing.

Pass the card

Give the card to your friend physically. Your friend will then repeat the steps, eventually giving that card to another person. Pay it forward

About Us

The iHappyU Team is started by five university students in Hong Kong who share the same ideal. It all started with a random dinner, during which we came across the issue of how stress and discontent fills the city. Our ideal is simple. We hope that wherever the cards go, they carry positive messages coupled with love and happiness. iHappyU project is entirely coded, designed and ran by students. So no hate if there are bugs! Please let us know your valuable suggestions / comments!

The iHappyU Team

  • Neil Chan
    Convener (Executive)
  • Sum Lik Cheung
    Co-founder (Operational)
  • Yalsin Li
    Co-founder (Technology)
  • Gary Fung
  • Joyce Mok
  • Kenneth Lai
  • Tony Lam
  • Christine Huy

Vision & Mission

Feeling connected and being engaged in different relationships are the most powerful ways to make us happy. The iHappyU team hope to connect you to the right person, during which we build, strengthen and extend bonding between groups and individuals. Promoting well-being and enhancing quality of life, we aim to initiate and thus the pass on of support, be it large or small efforts. Our belief is that happiness is a gift to everyone.

Daily encounter of various difficulties, and being unable to find the most suitable support, inevitably add stress to our lives. The iHappyU team hopes to support you by adopting a bottom-up approach. We first identify difficulties by listening and observing. By launching various projects, we then link you up to the most suitable person or group who offer the best support. We hope that our projects serve as simple and novel alternatives that facilitate bonding between you and many others so that you do not face the difficulties alone!

  • Caring a person may not change the world, but it may change the world of that person.

  • Tell people that they matter.

  • If I lay here, If I just lay here, Would you lie with me, And just forget the world?

Want to know more?

Contact Us

Join our team

We are still at our infancy, and we desperately need more support! If you share the same ideal with us, and are positive, caring and passionate, please join us! In particular, we are looking for people interested in

Graphics design
Front-end / back-end (web/app) developer

It doesn't matter if you are not experienced in the field - We welcome anyone who are passionate! Nonetheless, if you believe you have ideas or talents that iHappyU needs, please do not hesitate to contact us too :)

Be our Community Outreachers!

Furthermore, we are constantly hoping to extend the happiness to more social groups and communities, including universities, secondary schools, churches and even workplace! Therefore, we are also looking for Community Outreachers who help us expand the reach of this campaign! As an Community Outreacher, you may request cards from us of various themes (e.g. Different statements that are specific to your social groups!). You may then circulate the cards in your community!
Therefore, please feel free to contact us via email if you find iHappyU meaningful and are enthusiastic on expanding the project!